Dragons of Legend Preorder Sword Art Online Volume 2 Preoder
Dragons of Legend Preorder Sword Art Online Volume 2 Preoder
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Release Dates

Cardfight Vanguard
Weiss Schwarz
Fri, Mar 28   Future Card Buddyfight #BFE-TD03 Dragonic Force Trial Deck Release Date
    Yugioh #PGLD Premium Gold Booster Release Date
Sat, Apr 5   Future Card Buddyfight #BFE-BT02 Cyber Ninja Squad Booster Release Date
Fri, Apr 11   Cardfight Vanguard #EB07 Mystical Magus Extra Booster Release Date
Sun, Apr 20   Holiday - Easter Sunday
Fri, Apr 25   Yugioh #DRLG Dragons of Legend Booster Release Date
    Weiss Schwarz #SAO2 Sword Art Online Vol.2 Booster Release Date
Fri, May 2   Cardfight Vanguard #BT13 Catastrophic Outbreak Booster Release Date
    Magic #MTGJOU Journey Into Nyx Booster Release Date
Wed, May 7   Pokemon XY Set 2 Flashfire Release Date

Fri, May 9

  Weiss Schwarz Love Live! (English) Trial Deck Release Date
Sun, May 11   Holiday - Mothers' Day
Fri, May 16   My Little Pony Set 2 Canterlot Nights Booster Release Date
    Yugioh #PRIO Primal Origin Booster Release Date
Fri, May 23   Weiss Schwarz Love Live! (English) Booster Release Date
Mon, May 26   Holiday - Memorial Day
Fri, May 30   Magic Modern Event Deck Release Date

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