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1st Class - $50 OR MORE | UPS $200 OR MORE*U.S. orders only. Orders must contain only Single Cards.
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[TSK/S70] That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (EN) Base Playset [Includes RR's, R's, U's, C's, CR's, CC's (400 cards)]

[TSK/S70] That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (EN) Base Playset [Includes RR's, R's, U's, C's, CR's, CC's (400 cards)]


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    Includes Four (4) of each of the following set cards:

    • TSK/S70-E001 Rimuru, After Battle (戦いの後 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E002 Rimuru, Successor (継ぐ者 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E003 Shion, Fulfilling the Humiliation (雪辱を果たすシオン)
    • TSK/S70-E004 Hakurou, Iai Strike (居合の一撃 ハクロウ)
    • TSK/S70-E005 Elen, Sense of Respect (尊敬の念 エレン)
    • TSK/S70-E006 "Great Forest Manager" Treyni (“大森林の管理者”トレイニー)
    • TSK/S70-E007 "Samurai" Shion (“武士”シオン)
    • TSK/S70-E008 Shion, Matchless Warrior (一騎当千 シオン)
    • TSK/S70-E009 Rimuru, Way to Walk Together (共に歩む道 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E010 Kuro, Mysterious Devil (謎の悪魔 クロ)
    • TSK/S70-E011 "Orc Disaster" Geld (“豚頭魔王”ゲルド)
    • TSK/S70-E012 "Orc Lord" Geld (“豚頭帝”ゲルド)
    • TSK/S70-E013 Elemental Colossus (精霊の守護像)
    • TSK/S70-E014 "Demon Lord" Ramiris (“魔王”ラミリス)
    • TSK/S70-E015 "Director" Hakurou (“指南役”ハクロウ)
    • TSK/S70-E016 "Teacher" Hakurou (師匠 ハクロウ)
    • TSK/S70-E017 "Hero King" Gizel (“英雄王”ガゼル)
    • TSK/S70-E018 Gelmud, Cunning Devil (狡猾な魔人 ゲルミュッド)
    • TSK/S70-E019 Orc (豚頭族)
    • TSK/S70-E020 Kaijin, Blacksmith (鍛冶職人 カイジン)
    • TSK/S70-E021 "Free Guild President" Yuki (“自由組合総帥”ユウキ)
    • TSK/S70-E022 Orc General (豚頭将軍)
    • TSK/S70-E023 Cabal & Ellen & Guido, Troublemakers (トラブルメーカー カバル&エレン&ギド)
    • TSK/S70-E024 Geld, Inheriting the Wishes of the Orc Demon Lord (豚頭魔王の遺志を継ぐ者 ゲルド)
    • TSK/S70-E025 Shion, Fierce Battle (熾烈な争い シオン)
    • TSK/S70-E026 Shion, Home Cooking (シオンの手料理)
    • TSK/S70-E027 Tempest-made Weapon (テンペスト製の武器)
    • TSK/S70-E028 What Everyone Has (メグルモノ)
    • TSK/S70-E029 Overwhelming Blow (圧倒的な一撃)
    • TSK/S70-E030 Death March Dance (餓鬼之行進演舞)
    • TSK/S70-E031 Shuna, Princess of the Clan (一族の姫 シュナ)
    • TSK/S70-E032 Milim, The Contents are Children? (中身は子供? ミリム)
    • TSK/S70-E033 "Dragon Demon" Milim (“竜魔人”ミリム)
    • TSK/S70-E034 Benimaru, Demonic Power (鬼人の力 ベニマル)
    • TSK/S70-E035 Rimuru, Strike from Heaven (天からの一撃 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E036 Milim, Loss of Will (戦意喪失 ミリム)
    • TSK/S70-E037 Shizu, Way to Walk Together (共に歩む道 シズ)
    • TSK/S70-E038 Milim, Incur Wrath (逆鱗 ミリム)
    • TSK/S70-E039 Rimuru, Creating a Grudge (睨みを利かせるリムル)
    • TSK/S70-E040 Shuna, for Everyone (みんなの為に シュナ)
    • TSK/S70-E041 Milim, Chasing (追撃 ミリム)
    • TSK/S70-E042 Benimaru, Daily Training (日々の鍛錬 ベニマル)
    • TSK/S70-E043 "Swordsmith" Kurobe (“刀鍛冶”クロベエ)
    • TSK/S70-E044 Rimuru, Everyone's Teacher (みんなの先生 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E045 Kurobe, Sharpened Sensation (研ぎ澄まされた感覚 クロベエ)
    • TSK/S70-E046 "Shrine Princess" Shuna (“巫女姫”シュナ)
    • TSK/S70-E047 Shizu, Ifrit Manifestation (イフリート顕現 シズ)
    • TSK/S70-E048 "Supreme Spirit of Fire" Ifrit (“炎の最上位精霊”イフリート)
    • TSK/S70-E049 Benimaru, Strong Will (強い意志 ベニマル)
    • TSK/S70-E050 Milim, Big Smile (満面の笑み ミリム)
    • TSK/S70-E051 Rimuru, Which Do You Choose? (どっちを選ぶ? リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E052 Milim, Break at a Hot Spring (温泉で一息 ミリム)
    • TSK/S70-E053 "Black Lightning" Rimuru (“黒稲妻”リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E054 Shizu, Take Care Together (一緒にお世話 シズ)
    • TSK/S70-E055 Shuna, Intense Battle (熾烈な争い シュナ)
    • TSK/S70-E056 "Great General" Benimaru (“侍大将”ベニマル)
    • TSK/S70-E057 True Friend Declaration! (マブダチ宣言!)
    • TSK/S70-E058 Flaming Hell (炎化爆獄陣)
    • TSK/S70-E059 Instead of Greetings (挨拶がわりに)
    • TSK/S70-E060 Newfound Power (新たなる力)
    • TSK/S70-E061 Power of a Demon Lord (魔王の力)
    • TSK/S70-E062 Scenery You Want to See Together (共に見たい景色)
    • TSK/S70-E063 Awakening Impulse (目覚めし衝動)
    • TSK/S70-E064 Rimuru, There are Monsters (魔物達のあるじ リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E065 "Ruler of Flame" Shizu (“爆炎の支配者”シズ)
    • TSK/S70-E066 Memory of Japan, Shizu (日本での記憶 シズ)
    • TSK/S70-E067 Shizu, Case in Filtwood Kingdom (フィルトウッド王国での一件 シズ)
    • TSK/S70-E068 Rimuru, All-in-One Partner (一心同体のパートナー リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E069 Rimuru, Power to Protect Friends (仲間を守る力 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E070 "Intimidating" Ranga (“威圧”ランガ)
    • TSK/S70-E071 Inherited Feelings, Rimuru (受け継いだ想い リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E072 Rimuru, Secret (秘策 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E073 Souei, Silent Anger (静かなる怒り ソウエイ)
    • TSK/S70-E074 "Automatic Battle State" Rimuru (“自動戦闘状態”リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E075 Shizu, Final Journey (最後の旅 シズ)
    • TSK/S70-E076 Rigur, Good to Hear (聞き分けの良いリグル)
    • TSK/S70-E077 Chloe, Monopoly (独り占め クロエ)
    • TSK/S70-E078 Rimuru, Potion Generation (ポーション生成!リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E079 "Spy" Souei (“隠密”ソウエイ)
    • TSK/S70-E080 "Viscous Steel Thread" Rimuru (“粘鋼糸”リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E081 Rimuru, Attendance Confirmation (出欠確認 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E082 Rimuru, Eats Everything (全てを喰らうリムル)
    • TSK/S70-E083 Shizu, Hero's Power (英雄の力 シズ)
    • TSK/S70-E084 Souei, Carrying Out the Mission (任務を遂行 ソウエイ)
    • TSK/S70-E085 Ranga, Into the Vortex of War (戦乱の渦中へ ランガ)
    • TSK/S70-E086 Souka, New Subordinate (新たな配下 ソーカ)
    • TSK/S70-E087 "Whirlpool Raid" Gabiru (“渦槍水流撃”ガビル)
    • TSK/S70-E088 Souei, Avatar (分身 ソウエイ)
    • TSK/S70-E089 Gobta, Feeling of Death (決死の想い ゴブタ)
    • TSK/S70-E090 Gabiru, Name Override (名前の上書き ガビル)
    • TSK/S70-E091 Chloe & Alice & Kenya & Ryota & Gale (クロエ&アリス&ケンヤ&リョウタ&ゲイル)
    • TSK/S70-E092 Rimuru, Break at a Hot Spring (温泉で一息 リムル)
    • TSK/S70-E093 "Rigurd Shock" Rigurd (“リグルドショック”リグルド)
    • TSK/S70-E094 "Moving Shadow" Ranga (“影移動”ランガ)
    • TSK/S70-E095 Anti-Demon Mask (抗魔の仮面)
    • TSK/S70-E096 Unique skill "Great Sage" (ユニークスキル『大賢者』)
    • TSK/S70-E097 Legendary Hero (伝説の英雄)
    • TSK/S70-E098 Traps Throughout (張り巡らされた罠)
    • TSK/S70-E099 More Than a Measure (窮余の一策)
    • TSK/S70-E100 Confronting the Spirit (精霊との対峙)

    * If any cards have variants (alternate art), you will receive 4 total copies of the card based on the card number.
    **English Translations done by Heart of the Cards

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