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1st Class - $50 OR MORE | UPS $200 OR MORE*U.S. orders only. Orders must contain only Single Cards.

COVID-19 Store Updates

September 09, 2020

Wizards of the Coast has announced additional delays on upcoming Magic: The Gathering releases due to "production issues."

Shipments of Zendikar Rising, due for release on September 25 (see "’Zendikar Rising’ Product Line Revealed"), will arrive in two waves, the company said.  The first wave will arrive for the intended release date; a second wave will arrive in stores 7 to 10 days after launch.  Zendikar Rising Bundles are unlikely to be available at launch.

Shipments of Commander Legends Collector Boosters (see "’WotC Drops Deets on ‘Commander Legends’") will be pushed back two weeks from their planned release date of November 6 to November 20.  Commander Legends Draft Booster Packs and Displays are expected to ship on time.

March 22, 2020
First and foremost we are deeply praying for everyone's safety during this worldwide crises. is operational and shipping orders to our customers. In concern for the safety of our customers and employees we have implemented various work guidelines to insure the safety and health of everyone. This includes daily health checks (temperature), shorter work days, masked work environment, sanitizing liquids, gloves, daily cleaning of work stations, etc.  We are constantly keeping abreast of up to the minute news and should anything change updates will be made immediately.
Due to the fact that we are operation on limited capacity we kindly ask for your patience and understanding when placing orders. As of 3/23/20 orders may take up to 96 additional hours to ship. We are doing everything in our power to process and push our orders ASAP.
Last but not least Buy Orders, effective immediately we will be placing a 72 hour Quarantine on each package before processing the order. According to reports, COVID-19 can survive on plastic surfaces up to 72 hours. Please expect a delay when submitting your order.
Thank you for your understanding and patronage even through the most difficult of times. Be safe and let's clear this hurdle!


Will be there any delays for upcoming product?
Below is a list of updates from the manufacturer:



The health and well-being of our gaming community, including players, judges, stores and organizers, is of paramount importance to us. After discussions with event organizers and review of the advice provided by national health authorities, as well as the World Health Organization guidance, all Dragon Ball Super Card Game organized play events though May 31st, 2020, throughout the distributed territories have been postponed or canceled. This includes all Regional Championship, Store Championship and store events. Reporting requirements will be relaxed for stores during this period. Promotional materials will continue to be supplied to organized play stores for distribution to players with purchases. While stores are independent of Bandai, organizers of these events should act in the best interest of their community and be mindful of the safety of players.

We appreciate their ongoing support. Draft Box 05 Release | To prioritize stopping the spread of coronavirus within communities and to promote best practices in friendly local game stores, please note the following important points in regards to the Draft Box 05 release.

  • Stores are permitted to sell this release as soon as they receive it in store. Distributors are currently shipping these products out to stores and stores may sell as soon as it is received. Players should check with stores to confirm availability prior to visiting.
  • Draft Box tournaments are no longer required to be held in store. Stores are permitted to supply promotional material to players with a purchase of associated product to enable them to enjoy the events in the safety of their own residences. We ask that stores carefully manage their stocks to enable as many players as possible to obtain access to these promotional materials. Stores will not be required to report these events.
  • As a thank you to local game stores for all of your support, and in recognition of your feedback, we are announcing a reprint run of Draft Box 5. Players should place orders with stores asap if they wish to secure displays. Do not delay! Stores must place their order with their distributor as soon as possible to be guaranteed stock allocation.


3/19/2020:  Update from Bandai regarding DBS: Draft Box 05: 

This is now "Releasable Upon Receipt" to retailers. 



5/08/2020: We are pleased to inform you of the new release dates for the following products:

03 July 2020 Releases

  • WSE TD+ RAISE A SUILEN (previously announced)
  • WSE BP BanG Dream! Vol.2 (previously announced)
  • VGE-V-SS02 Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set
  • VGE-V-EB14 SP The Next Stage Sneak Preview

10 July 2020 Releases

  • VGE-V-EB14 The Next Stage
31 July 2020 Releases
  • WSE TD+ / BP That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

28 August 2020 Releases

  • BFE-S-UB06 Buddy Again Vol.3 ~Beyond the Ages~
  • WSE BP Re:Zero ~Starting Life in Another World~ Memory Snow

4/24/2020: We are pleased to inform you of the new release dates for the following products:

29 May 2020 Releases

  • BFE-S-UB05 - Buddy Again Vol. 2 ~ Super Buddy Wars EX ~ [link]
  • WSE TD+ & BP FJM - Fujimi Fantasia Bunko [link]

26 June 2020 Releases

  • VGE-V-TD10 Chronojet [link]
  • VGE-V-TD11 Altmile [link]
  • VGE-V-TD12 Ahsha [link]

3 July 2020 Releases

  • WSE Trial Deck+ RAISE A SUILEN [link]
  • WSE Booster Pack BanG Dream! Vol.2 [link]


3/20/2020:  As you may have already come across in the news, Malaysia is currently under a 2-week lockdown until 31st March due to Covid-19. This has unfortunately affected our production and shipping functions. As we are unable to confirm if the lockdown will end or continue on 31st March, we regret to inform you that the shipping and release date of the following products will be delayed until further notice. 

Cardfight!! Vanguard: 

  • VGE-V-SS02 - Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set   

(Original release date: 10 April) 

Future Card Buddyfight: 

  • BFE-S-UB05 - Buddy Again Vol. 2 ~ Super Buddy Wars EX ~   

(Original release date: 1 May) 

Weiß Schwarz: 

  • WSE TD+ & BP FJM - Fujimi Fantasia Bunko   

(Original release date: 1 May) 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and we will update you with the release and shipping dates as soon as we have the confirmed information. 

3/19/2020:  Update from Bushiroad on the Sneak Preview event for VGEVEB13 & VGEVEB13SP scheduled for 03/27 - 03/29: 

The store owners can either hold the event (stores discretion) or sell the packs in the SP kit, but the PR items need to be dispersed as promotional items and not sold. 

3/19/2020:  Update from Bushiroad regarding in-store events: 

In addition to the previous email, we will also be implementing the following due to the evolving situation of Covid-19 for the safety and health of our players. 

Cancellation of Shop Tournament 

  • April Shop Tournaments (March 30 to May 3)  
  • May Shop Tournaments (May 4 to May 31)  

PR items which were planned for these tournaments will be given out during Shop Tournaments in the subsequent months. 



3/27/2020: Secret Slayers is NOW release upon receipt.

3/18/2020:  Duel Overloard Yu-Gi-Oh is NOW release upon receipt. 

3/18/2020:  As of today all US operations is still on track and YGO Secret Slayers is slated to release on 4/3/2020

As of right now there is no intent to delay any release dates in any of the Americas.  

Below is our upcoming release schedule for the next couple of months: 

Duel Overload        3/20/2020 
Secret Slayers        4/03/2020 
SD Mechanized Madness        4/17/2020 
Eternity Code        5/01/2020 
Speed Duel Starter Decks        5/15/2020 
Toon Chaos        6/19/2020

 We will maintain these release dates as long as our distribution partners are not disrupted. 



3/18/2020:  Taking into account the cancellation of all Play! Pokémon events until May 14th, eligible retailers will be allowed to sell Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Rebel Clash Build & Battle boxes to players starting April 18th without requiring Prerelease tournament event attendance.   

Consumers can purchase their Build & Battle box at any qualified Play! Pokémon retail location, without remaining onsite for an event. 

We hope this allows players to enjoy the excitement of the Sword & Shield—Rebel Clash Prerelease tournament at home.  

We recommend all retailers distribute three “participation boosters” to each player purchasing a Build & Battle box during the usual Prerelease tournament time from April 18th to 26th. 


Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering)


3/27/2020: Challenger Decks 2020 is NOW release upon receipt.

3/26/2020: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Delayed to May 15. [read more]


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3/11/2020: Accommodation for Health Uncertainties, Ikoria Prerelease and Beyond

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